Sunday, December 14, 2014

Movie Epidemic: The Wind Rises/ Sin City A Dame to Kill For - Episode 19

Episode 19 we are talking about The Wind Rises, and Sin City A Dame to Kill For. We talk about our top 5 JGL movies and A View to Kill finishing off the Rodger Moore section of the James Bond Marathon. 

Movie Epidemic: Nightcrawler/This Is Where I Leave You – Episode 18

This episode we talk about Nightcrawler and This is Where I Leave you. One of them is good. We also talk about our Top 5 Jake Gyllenhaal. We also talk about the fake ass James Bond movie Never Say Never Again.

VPC3 Round 4 Discussion

Round 4 Discussion

Movie Epidemic: Grumpy Cat Christmas/ Tusk – Episode 17

on this beautiful episode of movie epidemic we talk about the worst Christmas movie starring Grumpy Cat, as well as the horror movie Tusk. We hit the top 5 Kevin Smith movies and more Jimmy Bond.

Movie Epidemic: Theory of Everything/Lucy - Episode 16

Movie Epidemic with Lucy and Theory of everything on deck. We do a top 5 Sacr Jo list and talk more about James Bond. 

Movie Epidemic: Interstellar/Gaurdians of the Galaxy – Episode 15

On this fine episode of movie Epidemic we talk about Intersetallar, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Top 5 space movies, and continue the James Bond Marathon.